Steve Berges is a real estate investment professional with over 25 years of experience. As Principal and Chief Financial Officer of the Symphony Homes family of companies, and Broker/Owner of Real Estate One Symphony Homes, he is an active real estate investor specializing in creating value through a variety of means, including buying and selling single family houses, multifamily apartment complexes, and the development and construction of single family and condominium housing communities. Mr. Berges holds an MBA degree in finance and marketing from Rice University (Houston, TX). He prides himself on being a visionary and has established aggressive goals for the growth of the company. Mr. Berges' primary role has been to focus on the expansion and development of Symphony Homes, which is already building in seven different communities including Burton, Davison, Goodrich, Grand Blanc, Holly, and Lake Orion. Secondary responsibilities include oversight of all brokerage, accounting, finance, and marketing related functions. Mr. Berges, a distinguished author of several best-selling real estate books, has been featured in numerous nationally syndicated newspaper columns including the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Chicago Tribune, Albany Union, Detroit Free Press, and Houston Chronicle. Mr. Berges has also been featured in other leading publications such as the Readers' Digest and Money Magazine. In addition, Mr. Berges is the developer of The Value Play Real Estate Analyzer programs, a collection of proprietary real estate software models used for the valuation and analysis of income producing properties such as single family rent houses, rehab properties, multifamily apartment complexes, and commercial buildings. Mr. Berges is also an accomplished martial artist in the Korean style karate known as Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do. He and his ten year old son, Philip, have both earned their 1st degree Black Belts and are active instructors in the American Martial Arts Academy.